Latest News: S651a is now in production.

The S-series offers the ultimate accuracy for studio monitoring, low distortion, high sensitivity, linear accuracy at all power levels, wide bandwidth and high power handling for the most demanding dynamic material. Making the S-series the ultimate choice for applications like studio monitoring, post-production, mastering and broadcast control room.

All Snake speakers are symmetrical in the physical design witch eliminates the need for different left and right speakers, improves the stereo image and eliminates HF & Mid frequency diffraction irregularities. The design also makes it an ideal choice for multi channel set-up i.e. 5:1 surround.

The S-series incorporates our advanced passive crossover design as a result from our extensive R&D using the latest measurement techniques, computer modelling and extensive listening test. The design principles and the use of best high quality components available, gives a correct tonal balance and a high resolution, resulting in the best musical reproduction possible for complex musical material

The Reference Series is the ultimate main monitor system for high power monitoring in medium to large control rooms. The astounding dynamic capabilities of the Ref- series makes it capable of reproducing the most demanding dynamic material available in today's digital recording. The superior performance of the Ref-series, high dynamics with low distortion and wide bandwidth, is accomplished thanks to the three way design and carefully selected high quality drivers with high sensitivity, high power handling and linear accuracy at all power levels within their frequency range.

The Ref-series incorporates our advanced passive crossover design as well as an active crossover (DSP based loudspeaker management system) as a result from our extensive R&D using the latest measurement techniques, computer modelling and extensive listening test.

In order to take full advantage of the Ref-series speakers, all models incorporate an optimized and calibrated power amplifier rack. In order to accomplice the dynamics capabilities of the Ref-series speaker and still have a headroom of minimum 3 dB, the rack ends up in the range of 8kW. There are only a few power amps on the market capable to match the requirements needed and to fulfil our demand of sonic quality.

All components used in Snake speakers are individually tested before assembly, crossover components, speaker drivers as well as the cabinet. On top of this an extensive final test is performed. The whole production chain from crossover assembly, wooden cabinet to final assembly and test are performed by some of the most experienced people in the industry.

The Ref1 is the legendary main monitor originally custom build for Denniz Pop

Handmade in Stockholm, Sweden.