June 2007

We are now shipping the new S651a

After 3 years of development we are proud to announce the release of our new near field model S651a that is our first active speaker model.

Although it is a active speaker the design is fully analogue, even with a passive crossover design. The signal path is not altered what so ever, we don't even have a gain trim. Most active speaker design today fall for the temptation to put in a lot of signalling adjustment, like EQ, and in worst case even tries to compensate for the transducers and design shortcomings.

We don't. We select the transducers and matching design in order to be as close to perfect as possible so that no compensating for design or transducers shortcomings is needed. This is off course a time consuming design phase and puts high requirements on the transducers.

The power amp has been carefully matched in order to fulfil and take full advantage the drivers acoustic capabilities. We tried out many suppliers of amplifier modules in an evaluation with both measurements under complex real load condition, and extensive listening tests. The module that stand for our requirements both hard fact measurements and listening sonic quality was the ICEpower®

In fact we have been monitoring the amplifier module evolution for more than 10 years but it was not until 2003 that we thought the technology had reached our demands for a active Snakespeakers.

The amplifier dimensioning is to our standard headroom matching, in this case 290W, witch is far more than other active speaker on the market in this size of near field cabinet.

The design spec for the S651a was to offers the ultimate accuracy for studio near field monitoring. Low distortion, , linear accuracy at all power levels, wide bandwidth and high peak SPL capabilities for the most demanding dynamic material.





48 - 20000 Hz -3dB

Power Amplifier:

RMS: 125W @ 0.2% THD+N Peak: 290W


0.008% @ 1W/100Hz


110dB dynamic range


XLR 10k ohm balanced with RF filter.

Drivers LF:

6,5 " Long throw +-6mm, low distortion.

Drivers HF:

1" Coated fabric dome, vented voice coil and immersed in magnetic fluid.


Passive 2,2kHz asymmetrical, complex load adapted.

Max SPL:

114 dB @ 1m per pair with music material.


14 Kg


240 x 340 x 300 mm (W, H, D)




As in all Snake Speakers, the components used in S651a are individually tested before assembly, crossover components, speaker drivers as well as the cabinet. On top of this an extensive final test is performed. The whole production chain from crossover assembly, wooden cabinet to final assembly and test are performed by some of the most experienced people in the industry.

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